Chicken Marsala


Eating spicy food—Indian marsala, in particular—is such a flavorful escape from the humdrum of the day. Chicken marsala, with its hot and filling consistency, always seems to hit the spot when you’re in the mood for a big dinner. While there are various frozen gluten-free marsala options that aren’t all that bad, nothing can beat fresh food, right?

Today I tried out a fresh recipe for ground chicken marsala that turned out pretty well.

I began by frying up a pound of lean ground chicken over medium-high heat for 15 minutes.

Next, I added diced zucchini and chopped red onion (just what I had on hand), along with about 2 tablespoons of cool water. I continued to heat these ingredients for 10 more minutes, before adding a touch of magic, and the crux of the dish: 1.5 cups of pre-made Patak Simmer Sauce: Tikka Masala Curry.


I found this brand at Cost Plus World Market (one of the coolest places to spend 20 minutes wandering around the world when you can’t actually leave the country—it’s a fantastic international import chain store based out of the West Coast). It was only $3.99 and could easily be used for 2-3 dishes before running out. While this is a red curry, you can also easily find various green curries at Cost Plus, although I do really recommend the Patak gluten-free brand.

After simmering the concoction for an additional 10 minutes, it was ready to be devoured! I served the marsala on a bed of delicate baby spinach and a side of crunchy gluten-free Rudi’s multigrain toast to soak up extra curry sauce.

Try it for yourself for a filling dish with a kick!