So let’s talk gluten. I have Celiac Disease, a hereditary and genetic disease that disallows me from absorbing nutrients from food that has gluten in it. (Gluten, for the many people who don’t know—and why would you—is a protein of wheat. However, gluten-free and wheat-free are two different things.) Sometimes explaining gluten and what a gluten-free diet entails to restaurateurs or friends can be like speaking a different language, with foreign words such as ‘xanthan gum’ and ‘amylopectin’ sprinkled into your dialogue (hence the name of this blog).

Nonetheless, eating gluten-free has luckily become drastically easier in the past 5 years. Awareness of Celiac and other forms of gluten intolerance have steadily become more relevant in the American public, and as a result, more gluten-free products have been popping up on the market.

Maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle certainly isn’t impossible, and sometime it’s not even difficult. The thing is, what’s in happiness? Beer, pizza, cake, and OH RIGHT, GLUTEN. It takes extra time, money, patience, and selectivity to maintain a gluten-free diet. Traveling and eating out is especially challenging, and as a travel nut, I can say that airports, planes and trains are my least favorite places to go on a food hunt. It’s like trying to find seeds in the frozen tundra of northern Siberia in the early spring.

As eat gluten free, especially on the road, can be a challenge, why not share what we find that tastes good AND adheres to gluten guide lines?  This blog is dedicated to the restaurants and recipes that have hit the spot for me as an ongoing project to be a healthy, fulfilled and most importantly (let’s not kid ourselves) happy eater.

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