Australian Coffee: My Love Story

In Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, one can find just about any kind of coffee drink imaginable. Elegant. Edgy. Simple. Decadent.

Lattes. Cappuccinos. Flat Whites.

Here is my documentation of some of the coolest coffee drinks I had the pleasure of trying on my recent trip down under:




REAL Chai Tea in Melbourne



Sydney Australian Iced Coffee (Heavy Creme, Espresso, Vanilla Ice Cream, LOTS of ice)


A New Zealand Hot Chai Latte (Extremely sweet, heavy froth)



Sydney again: a very Australian Flat White (Similar to a cafe au lait, but with more milk; very strong and delicious)



Melbourne: another Chai Latte and Flat White (always so pretty!)



So, coffee snobs– I highly recommend you plan a trip Down Under- STAT!


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